Partners from the Start

 In 2003, Antonella Kotiadis opened up a successful Tea Room and Gift Shop in Toronto, Ontario. During this time, Christina would help her mother at a young age with the store.  Three years later, their life paths happened to take them to the United States due to careers. Both Antonella and Christina were excited to move and start a new journey in their life, but never let the flame of owning a business together go out. 


Where our Setbacks turned into Motivation

While living in the United States, both Christina and Antonella enjoyed their time making new friends and adapting to the southern culture. Unfortunately, Christina was diagnosed with epilepsy (seizure disorder), while living in the United States. This took a huge toll on their family as they only had their immediate family (Peter- Father, Demetri-Son) with them in the United States for support. This is when they turned their setbacks into motivation. 



Never Giving Up

After going through a turmoil of health problems, they decided it was best to leave the United States and come back home in Toronto, Canada. It left for an uphill battle with epilepsy continuing, but their fighting didn't subside as they pushed through and knew that their mother and daughter bond would get them through anything life threw at them. Years later, both are standing on their feet side by side...and seizure free! They are the best of friends and can finally pursue their dreams of owning a shop together. Lemon & Lavender is just the beginning for this duo, and will mark their unbreakable bond. Partners from the start, setbacks turned to motivation, and never-giving-up!